Jason Vijil: What is Solution Selling?

Jason Vijil has made a name for himself for his sales skills and his account management techniques. Vijil has worked hard for years to manage accounts and keep his clients happy and productive. Working as a Business Development Manager for the manufacturing company Nudo Products, Inc., which works with clients all over the United States, Vijil has ensured that his accounts are managed properly with kindness and fast delivery. Part of the reason Vijil has been so successful as a salesman, marketing expert, and account manager has been his use of solution selling.

Solution selling is a simple concept: instead of selling the product or service for its own sake, sell solutions to customers. Part of an effective sales technique is anticipating a client’s needs. Providing solutions is a good way to do this because it shows the customer how they can use the product or service to solve problems they may have and to improve their business or personal gain in some way. Jason Vijil analyzed “annual reports broken down by state and product type…” to help the company provide better solutions to all of their accounts and clients throughout the central Illinois region and beyond.

Mr. Jason Vijil has long experience meeting and exceeding client expectations as a Business Development Manager for Nudo Products.

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Author: Jason Vijil

Jason Vijil has more than a decade of experience in market analysis. He started his career in marketing and research. He performed cold calls, and he interviews consumers in order to gather data. He analyzed data and put together reports for his superiors. Vijil is a successful professional, who has worked his way up through the marketing and sales industry.

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