Jason Vijil: Lead Generation

Jason Vijil got to his management position with the national manufacturing company Nudo Products, Inc. by first mastering the art of generating leads. Lead generation is the first step in making sales, especially business-to-business (B2B). Because B2B sales are inherently different than selling products directly to customers, lead generation becomes important in different ways. Generally, when companies sell to customers, they need website traffic, pubic interest in the company, and incentives. It’s like throwing a hook out into the water with bait and waiting. You can bring customers to your shop or website, but in the end, you’re usually relying on strangers to pick your product over competitors.

As a Regional Business Development Manager, Mr. Jason Vijil covers five states for Nudo Products. His “responsibilities include account management and sales generation.” To keep other businesses buying from Nudo, Vijil has to nurture relationship and engage directly with leads, answering their questions and assuaging their concerns. Another key way Vijil generates new leads for the company is by employing both inbound and outbound marketing techniques to keep new leads coming into the pipeline.

Jason Vijil has continually made progress in finding and maintaining leads for the sales process with Nudo Products throughout his practice area.


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Author: Jason Vijil

Jason Vijil has more than a decade of experience in market analysis. He started his career in marketing and research. He performed cold calls, and he interviews consumers in order to gather data. He analyzed data and put together reports for his superiors. Vijil is a successful professional, who has worked his way up through the marketing and sales industry.

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