Jason Vijil: Communication from a Management Perspective

Jason Vijil has practiced the art of workplace communication for years in his rise to become the Regional Business Development Manager for Nudo Products, Inc., a manufacturing company with clients throughout the United States. Jason Vijil manages an area encompassing five states, where his responsibilities include “account management and sales generation. Product training and client support are also key [responsibilities] within this position.” Vijil has worked in many capacities as an account manager, sales representative, and even a day trader. At every turn, he has had to build his communication skills from a manager’s perspective.

Jason Vijil has learned much from his years managing others and communicating with both employees of his and with executives who need information. Communication from a management perspective is much different than other corporate communications tasks. He has to lead others and guide them in matching the company’s goals with their own. By giving all employees a fair chance at rising and gaining more from the company they work for, Vijil has to reward effective work and guide those who struggle. It’s part mentor, part guide, part foreman when it comes to managing his staff.

Mr. Jason Vijil has long created opportunities for his employees while providing useful information to his superiors at every step of his career.


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Author: Jason Vijil

Jason Vijil has more than a decade of experience in market analysis. He started his career in marketing and research. He performed cold calls, and he interviews consumers in order to gather data. He analyzed data and put together reports for his superiors. Vijil is a successful professional, who has worked his way up through the marketing and sales industry.

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