Jason Vijil: Practical and Theoretical Management

As someone who has been in the marketing and sales field for a number of years, Jason Vijil has a lot of practical experience with sales and management.

Today, a lot of information about management comes from University professors and researchers who have never managed anyone. They talk about new workforce, strategy, expanding perspectives, and diversity.

Theoretical Management7

The shifts in demographics that so many people like to talk about are nothing new. This is what has continuously been happening in society at least starting with the Industrial Revolution. Lincoln freed the slaves, which was also a great shift in demographics.

Whenever someone is talking about something new happening in management and workforce development, start with examining their statements carefully. You will often find that what is labeled is new is not new at all. Women came into the workforce decades ago just like millennials are joining the workforce today.

A lot of people that talk about management have very misguided ideas about what it is, how it works, and what its goals are. If you are a sales person or a manager of a business, you want to be learning about management from someone who found, developed, and retained an effective workforce and generated profits.

The problem with modern management theories is that there is too much charlatanism and incompetence that is trying to influence the thinking of those like Jason Vijil, who actually manage others and work for companies that make money.

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Author: Jason Vijil

Jason Vijil has more than a decade of experience in market analysis. He started his career in marketing and research. He performed cold calls, and he interviews consumers in order to gather data. He analyzed data and put together reports for his superiors. Vijil is a successful professional, who has worked his way up through the marketing and sales industry.

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