Jason Vijil: How to Create Effective Sales Presentations by Using Emotional Factors

Jason Vijil has read many books about five major emotions that motivate people to take action. This happens not just in selling, but in other areas of life, too. These factors are greed, guilt, fear, pride, and love. All of them are based on a very simple formula that claims that everything we do, we do to avoid pain and gain pleasure. For someone it may mean helping others. For some people it means making a lot of money, yet the principle is still the same in both scenarios.

Some people may feel guilty about their lifestyle when they are thinking about the starving children in third-world countries. They may attribute their well-being to luck and feel fear about losing this luck. They also may feel pride because they are doing something to help the less fortunate. All five of these factors can play a role when a person is donating money to a charity or buying a product from a company that donates a percentage of its profits for a certain cause. If you study what people do when they buy products or services and go beneath the activity itself, you will always find that making a buying decision was less painful or brought more pleasure than deciding not to buy.

Experienced sales people like Jason Vijil create presentations that incorporate all five of the emotional triggers and supply plenty of logical reasons to buy in addition to that.


Author: Jason Vijil

Jason Vijil has more than a decade of experience in market analysis. He started his career in marketing and research. He performed cold calls, and he interviews consumers in order to gather data. He analyzed data and put together reports for his superiors. Vijil is a successful professional, who has worked his way up through the marketing and sales industry.

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